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Vehicle Chain Safety Hook Set 8mm


Component type approval number: CTA-061305

SKU: 103508


Vehicle Chain Safety Hooks allow for the quick attachment and removal of trailer safety chains from your tow vehicle. No longer is there any need to fiddle with D-shackles when connecting your trailer to your tow vehicle. Austlift 8mm trailer safety chain hooks are CTA approved.


  • 2 x  Eye Sling Hooks
  • 2 x  Chain Connectors

Conforms to AS3776-2015, AS4177.4 & ADR6202
Austlift Trailer Chains and Safety Kits are CTA approved.

The kits are available in three sizes, each with different working load limits (WLL), breaking forces, and chain size compatibility, ensuring that they meet the towing requirements for various Aggregate Trailer Masses (ATM):

Kit (Code: 103508): Suitable for 10/13mm Trailer Chain
Tow Capacity: 4 Tonne (ATM – 4000Kg)
Breaking force: 8,000Kg (4 to 1 safety factor as per AS3775.2)
Chain breaking strength: 3,762.75Kg (10mm) and 5,261.73Kg (13mm as per AS4177)
Shackle standards: 750Kg WLL, breaking at 4.4t

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 6 cm


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