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Safety Chain 8mm 1600Kg x 480mm long


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8mm safety chain is rated for trailers with an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of up to and including 1600Kg.

Pre cut to 480mm – 11 links long, suitable for most towbars. If you have an extended towbar tongue on your vehicle we have longer lengths available.

Safety chain is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZ 4177.4
Each chain is stamped on every fourth link with brand identifier and compliance.


16.2 Drawbar Safety Chains

All pig trailers with rigid drawbars (with or without breakaway brakes—but excluding converter dollies) and, any other trailer without breakaway brakes, must be fitted with safety chains that are marked in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard and (or cables as applicable) complying with the following:

  • trailers that do not exceed 2.5 tonnes ATM must have at least one safety chain complying with Australian Standard AS 4177.4-1994 or Australian Standard AS 4177.4-2004 ‘Caravan and light trailer towing components —Part 4: Safety chains up to 3500kg capacity’, or be a safety cable with a certified load capacity of the same;
  • trailers over 2.5 tonnes and not exceed 3.5 tonnes ATM must have two safety chains of designation of 3500 kg complying with Australian Standard AS 4177.4-1994 or Australian Standard AS 4177.4–2004;
  • trailers over 3.5 tonnes ATM must have two safety chains made from steel of a minimum 800 MPa breaking stress that conforms to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain as specified in Australian Standard AS 2321-1979 ‘Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes (non calibrated)’ or Australian Standard AS 2321-2006 ‘Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes.’ Each chain must be sized such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ATM.

Safety chains, which have the mechanical T grade property, are not suitable for welding.

(For further information, refer to ADR 62/01 clause 14)

16.3 Drawbar Safety Chain Attachment Points

Safety chain attachment points are the means by which the safety chains are attached to the drawbar. These points must be located as near as practicable to the tow coupling. Where two points of attachment are required, they must be mounted one on either side of the centreline of the drawbar.
Each safety chain attachment point must be capable of withstanding the following minimum forces without incurring either any residual deformation that would interfere or degrade the function of the assembly, or any breaks, cracks or separation of components:

Longitudinal tension and compression (N) 1.5 x 9.81 x ATM (in kg)

Vertical tension and compression (N) 0.5 x 9.81 x ATM (in kg).

(For further information, refer to ADR 62/01 clause 14)

Load levelling bars should only be used with towbars designed for load levelling. Very high forces can be generated when the vehicle and trailer combination travels through dips in the roadway. These high forces may exceed the design limits of the towbar and or its mountings.

Drawbar safety chain attachment points should not come into contact with the road surface when the trailer is disconnected.

*At the time of this product listing June 2019  the technical requirements for trailer safety chains in accordance with VSB-1 from

Additional information

Weight 0.520 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 cm


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