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Introducing the
new Hitch-ezy Coupling

A unique patented mechanism

  • Complies with all Australian Design Rules 62/02 for towing 5 tonne
  • Unlimited articulation in all three axIs
  • “Lever assist” for hands-free coupling/uncoupling
  • Self-centering engagement with automatic double locking
  • Smooth uncoupling at any angle or load
  • O-rings keep working area dust free
  • Standard bolt pattern allows for retro-fitting
  • Compatible with level-ride torsion bar systems
  • Low profile allows for 4WD rear door clearance
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel and zinc-nickel alloy plating of all metal components prior to painting
  • Tow-pillar, security dummy-pillar, aluminium pillar cover and stainless steel handbrake included

Testing and CRN Registration

5-tonne certification involved a 2 million cycle dynamic test with vertical and horizontal rams on top of a 500 kg resting draw-bar weight. At the end of the 2 million cycles there was no discernible wear. Testing has resulted in a successful application for a Component Registration Number. The CRN is 47868 and allows the Hitch-Ezy coupling to be fitted as original equipment to new vehicles. Hitch-Ezy tow couplings are 100% manufactured in Melbourne by Yann Engineering Pty Ltd.


Ease of use

“Lever assist” for hands-free coupling/uncoupling Low profile for 4WD rear door clearance Level-ride torsion bar system compatible Standard bolt pattern for retro-fitting.



Self-centring precision design. Unlimited articulation in all three axis. Tow Pillar and cover included Automatic double locking.



O-rings keep working area free of dust. Meets rigid Australian Certification 5-tonne load standards. Metal components are either Marine grade 316 stainless steel or zinc-nickel alloy plated before painting.

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